Grazie mille ai nostri amici per aver scritto questo bellissimo post dove ci raccontano il loro quinto anniversario. E’ un onore essere stati scelti come vino e ricetta da preparare per festeggiare un giorno così speciale.

Per il loro anniversario hanno deciso di cucinare la lasagna alla bolognese seguendo la nostra ricetta e abbinarla a due grandi vini della Tenuta Torciano:Terrestre e Baldassarre.

Ci raccontano dei vini che hanno amato di più durante la degustazione di olio e vino fatta qui, presso la cantina e della lasagna alla bolognese con olio al tartufo.

Hanno voluto ricreare quell’atmosfera magica e preparare con le loro mani la nostra ricetta, abbinandola ai nostri vini.


“When we took our trip to Tuscany this past May, we visited the Tenuta Torciano vineyard in San Gimignano, where we enjoyed a fabulous wine tasting and lunch.

The main course at lunch was a fantastic lasagna with Bolognese sauce, made from Mamma Torciano’s recipe and served with a drizzle of truffle oil.

It was so good, that it not only inspired us to try to make it ourselves, but as we thought about what a wonderful dinner it would be to make and share, it also gave us further encouragement to launch Two at the Table.

evento  jan

The lasagna was paired with a number of red wines, but the one that stood out the most was a the 2006 Terrestre. This wine was waaaay out of our usual price range, but we figured, “Who cares? We’re on vacation!”. Plus, we thought it would be a lot of fun to enjoy it again at home, ideally on our fifth anniversary.

So we set on making Torciano’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce on Saturday. (Please note that the link will take you to all the recipes you need for this dish, including home-made pasta, if you’re felling super-motivated!) .

The lasagna turned out great–maybe not as good as Mamma Torciano’s but absolutely delicious. The pasta was cooked perfectly, not quite al dente, but not too soft either. The Bolognese was thick with lots of flavor from the veggies. The Béchamel gave everything a nice creaminess and was a huge step up from the ricotta I’ve used in the past. The lasagna paired perfectly with the wine, which was bold and fruity and more than a match for this heavy, rich dish. (We opened a second bottle too, a 2007 Torciano Baldassarre, which was not quite as good as the 2006 Terrestre, but still very good.)

torciano wine baldassarre

torciano wine

We finished the night with several rounds of an Italian card game called Seven and a Half and then enjoyed some almond cantucci (small biscotti) and a little Vin Beato as is the custom in Tuscany.


Our anniversary dinner was wonderful and more than worth the effort that went into it. We have a busy work week ahead, so it will also be nice to have some leftovers to fall back on. There’s even enough to bring some for lunch one day this week too!”