by Francesca Nanni – There is a place in Tuscany, nestled in the heart of the Val d’Elsa, guarded in the shade by the towers of San Gimignano, in the Sienese land, where the convivial tradition has for generations created a true eulogy of Italian food and wine culture. Bottega Torciano Ristorante Enoteca, is the place you don’t expect, where passion and dedication, virtue and etiquette, scents and flavors come together to give their guests the sincere and profound story of an extraordinary territory and the historic Giachi family reality.

Here, where the word “Bottega” overturns and evolves its semantic nature, from a place where ancient crafts were forged to a modern laboratory of research and culinary excellence, the convivial lunch organized by Bottega Torciano for over forty excellent diners of the Italian Academy of Cuisine – Siena Val d’Elsa Delegation together with the President Alessandro Tamagnini.

In the refined atmosphere of the restaurant, pampered by a Gourmet menu created to enhance the highest quality raw materials in combination with a selection of fine family-produced wines, a real sensory journey of Taste came to life, created in collaboration with the chef Renato Bernardi.

What follows is the behind-the-scenes account of this amazing experience.


Chef Bernardi presents Bottega Torciano Restaurant


Brigata di Bottega: this is how a gourmet menu is born


The photo story in the shots of Valerio Casale