Tenuta Torciano has a 300-year history, made up of wine and hospitality.

Today it is possible to combine the stay with fascinating experiences, traditional or in the name of luxury. Try a dinner in the vineyards, a tour on a vespa in the hills, a helicopter ride over the Florentine dome or the Crete Senesi, a cruise aboard Tuscan islands. Taste glasses of red wine that someone has been making for 300 years, sleep in a hotel surrounded by greenery or in a medieval tower.

Tenuta Torciano has a long history. Of wine

Farsighted man Bartolomeo Giachi, who left Florence in 1720 to move to Ulignano; he built the first walls close to the Via Francigena, thinking of the wayfarers who passed from there, near San Gimignano, in the direction of Rome, the Holy City. The lands had a very strong wine-growing vocation; Chianti and Vernaccia, together with hospitality, meant that the estate became more and more known in the region. For 13 generations the Giachi have been carrying on the production of the cellar, cultivating the vineyards located in five properties with passion and tenacity.

Sleeping inside the ancient mansion or in the Tower

The Giachi family transformed an ancient building into the Torciano Hotel Vecchio Asilo, in the heart of the countryside, three kilometers from San Gimignano. The boutique hotel is located in a strategic position: 24 km from Volterra, 28 from Florence and as many from Siena, making it a retreat for exploring the most iconic places in Tuscany. The rooms are in a romantic Tuscan style, with double beds in wrought iron, ceilings with wooden beams, terracotta floors, regional furnishings. Guests have access to a terrace overlooking hills planted with vineyards, and a garden with centuries-old cypresses and fruit trees, where they can relax with a good book. Torciano Hotel Vecchio Asilo is a silent place like a convent, where you can experience valuable experiences.

A second option provided by Tenuta Torciano is an overnight stay in the Chigi Tower, one of the 14 historic towers of San Gimignano. It is almost incredible to sleep in one of the towers that at the time were frequented by characters such as Dante Alighieri, Lorenzo de’ Medici, Machiavelli, Savonarola and Ghirlandaio. A dip in the fourteenth century, between towers and ports, springs and cisterns, winding streets and casetorri.

Experiences for an unforgettable Tuscany

Tenuta Torciano offers an all-round stay, in which to experience the area and appreciate the beauty of life. Through his own agency “Fly to Wine”, Tenuta Torciano can organize cooking lessons with the chef, lunches or dinners in the vineyard, vespa tours, horseback riding, truffle hunting, extra virgin olive oil tasting.

And those who want to indulge in something truly exclusive, can spend full day itineraries with helicopter or yacht tours. Fly over the expanses of vineyards, Florentine churches and the Crete Senesi, stop for a picnic or a gourmet meal, sail along the bays of Elba and dive into the blue. Better than the courtesans of yore.

Written by Luisella Colombo