In this article we would like to reflect on the close and precious relationship  that exists between animals and the wine and why, Tenuta Torciano, can’t miss these loving friends.


A Black Rooster in the field is the image that for centuries has linked the Chianti Classico wine production area.
The black rooster was the symbol of the Lega del Chianti, a military political institution created by the Republic of Florence to control the territory of CHIANTI at the end of the 1300s.


Now all over the wine world you are accustomed to accommodate different animals inside the vineyards: this does not happen simply because they are a pleasant company, but especially for the fact that proved to be, with the course of the years of good resources for the protection and care of the vineyards: it is the case of the sheep and pigs, that feeding of weeds ensure growth and luxuriant undisturbed trestles;


Also the dwarf sheep together with the pigs are excellent to uproot the weeds, but above all, thanks to their low stature, fail to reach the grapes and therefore to food; dogs are needed to safeguard the sheep while the chickens and ducks, as for example our ducks mandarine or our chickens Wyandotte, are efficient in the elimination of insects and parasites that could damage the screws.

2. Pets: friends of wine tasting in cellar


In ou wine cellars you will have the opportunity to taste a good wine in the company of our Dante our adorable Bassethound tireless entertainers and source of tenderness.
He love all the guests that visit us, adults or youngs people and he is so sweet with all and he is a great Tenuta Torciano’s Mascot.
You’ll find Dante in our vineyards or in the garden to give you the best Welcome under the tuscan sun

The animals of the Tenuta Torciano are companions charming and elegant
When you’ll visit us you’ll find in the vineyards and in the garden our beautiful peacuts, with his wonderful colors and the spectacular wheel tail.
They are unforgettable conquerors and you can not miss they beauty looking them with a great red wine glass like our Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and walking together of the beautiful Imperial pheasant or of the very chic and vain peacock…Or, stay enchanted to observe how the colors of a good glass of our Vernaccia Poggioaicieli weds penalty with the rainbow of feathers of our ducks mandarine!

3. A wine for pets?

Cat Wine

From now on, also our friends can make us company during our tastings: is an increasingly growing the initiative to produce specific drinks for pets that with characteristics that remember those of wine, not essendolo at all.

chianti crete Lisa Ann Sieckowski fatta

It will be so that our faithful dachshund Dante caould wine taste a beverage beneficial and rich in antioxidants while we are savoring a glass of good Chianti Classico Riserva Godenzio or why not a lots of flavor Chianti Crete Rosse

Because you know, the wine is best enjoyed in the company!