A magnificent palace of the thirteenth century,

full of history in the heart of the central Piazza Duomo in San Gimignano,

enriched by one of the famous twelve towers still exist

in this beautiful medieval city …

Welcome to Chigi Palace!

Living in history is the value of the Giachi family.
How to live in a Tower in the time of the lockdown.
Living in history is the value of the Giachi family.
“Cit. Pierluigi Giachi”


Piazza Duomo is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy: elegant, refined, luxurious and mysterious and is the heart of the city, with its medieval style, typical of the Tuscan transformations.

The Tower of the Podesta, the Towers Salvucci, the Tower Rognosa, the Tower Chigi, the Tower Ardinghelli, the Collegiate Santa Maria Assunta, are some of the jewels of this beautiful and unique city, UNESCO heritage, which rises to the sky as a star on a hill.


“My father taught me that good wine needs a historic beauty as a frame to be better accompanied” .

San Gimignano has always lived inside of me as beautiful memory. It is the city that, as a child, I have always tried not to give up, because it has always been part of me.

Here, every day of the year you start breathing the air romantic, a special and unique place, created to celebrate festivals, appreciate the simple things in life, cherish old buildings witnessed many vicissitudes and glories, and supervised by experienced extraordinarily high and majestic towers that rise into the sky, presenting this magnificent and magical star.



Chigi Palace is the best place to end a day with a romantic dinner at the palace.
From here, you can savor every moment of sunset, enjoy delicacies, overlooking the balcony and admire the magnificent Piazza Duomo and all the towers around; while a pair of lovers strolling arm in arm amidst the narrow streets. In this magical place you can lose yourself and find yourself in a different place, full of charm, beauty and uniqueness.


Celebrate a birthday, or an engagement or anniversary in the historical Chigi Palace, is a special event, a luxury to remember and celebrate an important date.


Here the theme is the middle Ages, with the background music of the harp graceful and sweet soprano voice that gladdens the flow of the evening with his melody.

Dinner starts with an aperitif served in feet, which is limited to a glass of champagne accompanied by snacks, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts.

The aperitif will entertain guests before going to the table.

We serve only a menu in according to the season; we always use fresh and seasonal ingredients, preferably bought at the market stalls outside.



Invite someone to dinner, it means having to heart his happiness all the time spent in the company of family Giachi. For this reason, each guest or someone who takes part in a special event, it will become a person who will live with joy and happiness our hospitality.

The opportunity to have dinner in the palace Chigi must be a very special event, not always invite friends and guests at Palazzo Chigi, but only for an important birthday, a wedding anniversary, an engagement; all events here will become unique and memorable to remember in time. Only in these unique opportunities, we open the doors of the palace to celebrate.


On these occasions, the evening is divided into three moments.
There will be appetizers served up with a passage made by the waiter.
The wine will be the main protagonist of the whole evening.


We will start with presenting the Vernaccia di San Gimignano;  it’s delicate and fragrant white wine; followed by a Chianti Classico two years old, then we will taste Chianti Classico Riserva three years old. Chianti Classico Riserva is produced from selected grapes; this vines have a minimum age of 20 years.

Then we will continue with a Super Tuscan four years old with a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon aged in oak barrels, then with a Super Tuscan composed of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon aged four years in chestnut barrels, followed by a splendid Brunello di Montalcino and from our “Wine Event” Terrestre, wine ages well.

During meals, we will test the delicate Extra Virgin Tuscan olive Oil, Truffle Oil and Balsamic Vinegar delicate Gold Reserves.
During the dinner, that is the most important part of the evening, you will taste all this wines and oils. You will also taste special dishes, for example Risotto with figs.

The dinner will have an apparatus and a table service.


In the third part of the dinner, you will have a fantastic homemade dessert with chocolate fondant and raspberry. All accompanied by coffee, champagne and wines from the end of the meal and meditation.


Music theme will be the background to the whole evening, and for big events, there will be live music.

The table is set with a nice tablecloth, possibly lace.
On the table are arranged mats hand-decorated by beautiful decorations coordinated environment.

Is positioned above the top end plate of white porcelain, the flat plate there will be another porcelain plate of the same service, napkins, plates for the bread, and the trays will be the stars of a beautiful service.

The glasses will be fanned eight for each guest, one for each wine that you will taste during the dinner.

On the table, there will be crystal decanters vintage coaster for wine bottles, silver candlesticks with candles to create a romantic and scenic. All these details will make your dinner at the Useppi Palace unique and unforgettable.

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