“Mental Health”


Many thanks to our friend Andy that send us  this appetizing  recipe.

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“Mental Health”


  1. 1 Pkg of Pork Hot Dogs
  2. 1 Lb Bacon
  3. 1 lb Pkg of Elbow Macaroni
  4. 1 lb Velveeta Cheese
  5. Butter….Lots of Butter
  6. 1 Pkg of White Bread Hot Dog Buns
  7. Catsup & Mustard to Taste
  8. Sweet Relish
  9. 1 Six Pack of Beer
  10. 1 Bottle of Torciano Wine (Any kind of Red)


Wrap Hot Dogs in Bacon and grill

Toast Buns on grill when Bacon is crisp

Meanwhile: Fix Mac & Cheese however you like it using ingredients listed. You may add anything else you like to your preferred Mac & Cheese recipe.

Drink lots of Beer and Tenuta Torciano Wine while grilling and eating.

I guarantee a wonderful experience and mental relaxation.  Enjoy your life and have fun.

Food £ wine pairing: Chianti Classico


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