The wine world is full of a thousand different shades of color. It depends on the grape variety, vintage and many other factors together. When we pour a glass of wine, let us pause a few seconds longer to observe the color reflexes and discover a whole world in a glass.

The painter Elisabetta Rogai must have been kidnapped by the beauty and intensity of those red glow, so as to give life to EnoArte, an artistic technique of painting with wine, which change the color with the time, in this way the painting aging and changes with the passage of time.

Just like fine wine aging in barrels, in the same way these works change and grow older, however, without fading.

Famous throughout the world, she was chosen to paint the Silk Drappo of the Palio of Siena in 2015.

The work was carried out with a color palette of all wines from Siena. The upper face of the Assumption Madonna with a halo of ears of corn, the center Piazza del Campo with a 360 degrees and a child playing. Lower down two horses in the foreground at the gallop. The written gold color that runs all around the square reads “Love justice you who rule the earth.”

The works of Elisabetta Rogai are full of pathos that perfectly represents the theme chosen by the Municipality “Sienna World Earth”.

palio siena 2015

The works of Elizabeth Rogai are often populated by women of timeless charm, which enchant the viewer. The colors vary as vary the wines used: the red of the young wine like the ruby ​​red and purple, to the darker tones with old wines such as amber, brick and orange.

Following some of her works:

  • Divine Senses – 70x100cm – 2012 –Wines used: Sangiovese and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo



  • The Offer – 70x100cm – 2011 – Wine used: Sangiovese, Cabernet and Shyrah



The Tasting – 70x100cm – 2011 – Wine used: Sangiovese and Merlot


  • The courage – 60x80cm – 2012 – Wine used: Merlot and Shyrah

courage painting with wine


If you take part at a wine tasting in Tuscany you will immediately notice the shades of red, from young Chianti, Chianti Classico, Brunello through to the Super Tuscan, you will notice as well as fragrances and flavors, even the colors are different.

A color palette that the Florentine artist was able to carry on the canvas and silk, creating a unique art form in its kind.