The pandemic has taught us that human health and that of the planet are closely related: we all live in the same ecosystem and to ensure the survival of humans and all other forms of life, it is essential to learn to respect balance and circularity

We know that many of you are traveling to Italy for Spring and Summer vacations and we look forward to welcoming you! As part of our ongoing health and safety efforts, we are pleased to present Tenuta Torciano Vineyards restaurants -a town-wide dining plan that allows all our visitors to enjoy their favorite outdoor restaurants outdoors in the fresh air! Please know that a lot of thought, care, time, and love went into planning the Tenuta Torciano outdoor wine experiences.

Masks are required indoors, so don’t forget to bring your face covering when you shop and dine with our merchants. They help us keep our team members and each of you safe so we can continue to offer a wonderful Tenuta Torciano vineyards wine experiences. #TenutaTorciano