Well found friends! Today I want to talk about my passion for travel and for foreign countries, in particular of their customs and especially … How to eat! Thanks to the study holiday in London which I attended a few weeks ago I learned so much beautiful things of this beautiful capital and also the nutritional differences that there are between my mediterranean diet and their.



1. Italian breakfast vs english breakfast

Let’s start from the breakfast: the traditionsl english breakfast (aka Full english breakfast) is really different from mine, couse is made of eggs ( Scrambled, with butter, to’Ox-eye, fried or jacket), white toasted bread or with cereal, bacon, sausage, french fries (only in few cases), sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beans in sauce and black pudding… A breakfast that reaches 1200 kcal at once!




We are therefore talking about a calorie content that I usually reached in a day! In fact, accustomed to cappuccino and a good croissants, i was quite amazed, because if I did all the days breakfast so, i will get fat in a few time! (and you know, girls take care about their size!) and my body would have several problems for the big quantity of sugars and fats!

2. Italian Lunch vs Britannic Lunch

Usually I eat lunch of very good fresh pasta prepared to Bottega Torciano with a tomato sauce is fresh or a’excellent Caprese (slices of fresh pomodoto and mozzarella) seasoned with our fantastic oil d’olive oil according to my healthy Mediterranean diet;



 But when i arrived to dine in London, in fact the choice of lunch was very difficult given that the international influences have led to a variety of cuisines very wide: in fact for lunch i could choose between French cuisine, Italian, that typical English but also Chinese and Thai etc etc. Moreover are always more numerous fast food, taken up by the typical american tendency. It was very interesting to observe the difference between these various cuisines which however never have a nutritional balance with respect to the Mediterranean diet, given that in some c’is the total lack of a food and in others the overabundance….

3. Italian Dinner vs Britannic Dinner

As regards the dinner, while we Italians are accustomed to eat or a first or a second, the English have always and anyway the multiethnic choice i was telling you about before, or the classic take away, as the famous Fish and chips, a paper cone that encloses a portion of french fries and fried fish, very famous and that is part of the British tradition.




If you decide to follow the mediterranean diet as I like, it would be better not to eat often fried, since it contains a lot of fats and in the long run it hurts to circulatory system; choose rather a slice of white meat or fish and many vegetables, safe easier to digest for our organism.

The experience in Britain

He made me understand how important it is my choice in follow the Mediterranean diet: despite the other kitchens we are very attractive and the greedy, I decided to try every once in a while and continue to eat fresh pasta with healthy condiments (as fresh pasta of Bottega Torciano or’extra virgin olive oil of Tenuta Torciano ) and especially not to exaggerate with sugars and fats, because I like to eat well and healthy!


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Bye! See you soon!