Every meal needs the right combination of wine.

Council to match a dry wine, sparkling wine or maybe a sparkling white, if the pot has a component quite oily. This type of wine allows you to clean completely the mouth.

For example, match a dry Lambrusco with the classic sausage. My advice is to accompany a soft white wine with light food, for not ruining the flavor. The classic is the rabbit with the Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

When foods are tasty and persistent, such as roasts, venison, wild boar, hare, Florentine steak, I recommend accompanying red wine with a hint of long duration, such as a large red aged. Another great combination is the classic method sparkling wine with ripe with Parmesan cheese.

As for the pasta, and rice counsel to understand the filling, because the wine to match must be “married” with the seasoning sauce.
While with a tasty fish soup must accompany a nice light red wine with few tannins and served chilled.
Do not combine any kind of wine with raw vegetables and fresh fruit, not to have an unpleasant taste.
With the meats, the reds are the optimum match.
Fresh cheeses and light are combined with light wines, while soft cheeses, spicy enough fat, I suggest you combine liqueur wines and dessert. Fantastico is the combination of blue cheese with a good Vin Beato.

For sweets need to accompany with sweet wines, to avoid conflicts, trying to clean the mouth from any creams with sparkling wine, while the cookies, pies, pastries, combine with sweet wines and a good dessert wine.