Wine has always been my passion

I have always believed that wine was born to give pleasure to those who drink it and it is an important aid to socialize and I am convinced that it helps us to live better.
A controlled consumption of wine, from studies in the United States , is extremely healthy and lengthen the life expectancy of my grandfather told me drink a glass of wine a day and you will life until 100 years.
My advice is to suggest to consume wine in a conscious way and I guarantee you will derive immense pleasure.
Since appetizer until lunch and then at the end of the day, opportunities to drink a good glass of wine are endless, as there are infinite types of wine.

Imagine sitting comfortably in an armchair, thinking about how to deal with friends for dinner this weekend and we are thinking about how to make it a success.
I advise you to give it some “importance” to this dinner with friends and maybe even wine connoisseurs, so I advise you to tell your visitors why you have chosen and what they think of that wine glass that you place in front.
If you start to enthrall even just a little, in a few weeks, after drinking a few good bottles, all of this will be natural.
The opportunities out there, the good appetizer at the bar with a flute of sparkling Italian , or at the working lunch , afternoon from the glass in the wine bar up when planning the evening until the big dinner and after dinner.

My advice to wine enthusiast is to transform these occasions, often with drinks anonymous and distracted, in an event of cultural enrichment.
I advise you to put more attention to the wine you are bringing it to his lips and make up its mind, stop for a moment to reflect IS THIS GOOD WINE? I drank this wine before?
This wine looks like another one that I’ve been drinking? What aromas and flavors in this wine feel? What is the aroma and flavor of this wine? Who is the winemaker?

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