Food pairing: a journey to discover the taste

My advice is to build a personal database, consisting of a series of tabs tasting that we will use in our personal book or etched in our memory and we will use in the selection of wine in the restaurant or as a comparison against other wines. The experience, the cards collected and the various tastes of different wines, will allow you to release judgments, motivating wine.
You will have the culture, the sensitivity, the experience to choose the right wine at the right time to comment on it and tell it to your guests.

Never before has the account of pairing food and wine was never on the world stage.
The journey to discover the taste is a long and demanding, just think of the 70,000 traditional Italian recipes.

So, choosing the right wine to match the food served at the table, it becomes a fairly complex operation.

My advice, and to simplify things, you try, to understand the components of the flavor of that food to choose the right wine to match.
Think about whether the food is sweet, bitter, salty, sour, spicy etc … The important thing is stable and the dominant flavors to choose the wine that enhances or attenuates components similar or opposite of the wine served. The balance between food and wine is the result.
A delicate dish takes a soft wine.
A dish with strong flavors, need a full-bodied wines, with an important taste.
After each mouthful of the same food, the taste buds send signals to the brain less strong, so the food loses its taste and appreciate it less.

The wine is very important at this stage because it completely cleans the mouth with the flavors of the food and each bite is as good as the first.

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