During a holiday, you want to see new places and do different things. You must be able to join the fun, relaxation and discovery of new things.

In Tuscany, there are many wonderful places to visit, but also the food and wine are excellent in this region. After visiting museums, city and saw beautiful landscapes, it’s time to take a break and eat something.

What’s better than eating a plate of lasagna prepared with your own hands?

In our  Winery, you can participate in a fun cooking class in Tuscany. Besides the beauty of the winery and vineyard, you can spend a fun day and constructively, to learn to cook Italian dishes. After discovering how to choose and recognize the fresh ingredients, learned how to make homemade pasta and the sauce at the end of the day you can dine with the lasagna prepared by yourself!
With a great plate of lasagna, you must pair a fine wine we produce. Another secret to making more good lunch, you pour Truffle olive oil on the lasagna!
At the end of the cooking class, you can have lunch or dinner with the dishes you have prepared and do a wine tasting. You’ll discover the difference between a Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, you will learn which wine pairs with fresh or aged cheese, and finally the dessert wine to pair with “cantuccini” biscuits typical of Tuscany.
Live with us an unforgettable day during your Italian vacation!