The best way to show love is to make gestures of love.

Cooking for the people you love is always a nice gesture to do. To warm the hearts and souls during the cold days, the best way is to prepare a nice soup with fresh ingredients. In Tuscany is very famous ribollita.


This is a soup with seasonal vegetables such as cabbage, beans and stale Tuscan bread.


The goodness of the dishes also depends on the quality of the used products, so after cooking the ribollita, add extra virgin olive oil, to enhance the flavors and give an extra touch to the dish prepared.


To learn all the secrets of Tuscan cuisine, come and visit an Italian kitchen, where you can prepare yourself our most famous dishes.


At Torciano winery you will have the opportunity to learn typical recipes such as pasta homemade, ribollita and why not, also an Italian sweet as tiramisù.


During the cooking class, you can also taste some of our wines. At the end of the lesson, take a seat at the table and you can taste the dishes prepared by you, combined with a selection of our wines and oils. Now is the time to learn how to taste wines and match them to the various flavors and dishes.