Yes! Bottega Torciano loves the pasta and in this article will explain to you why he chose to produce and what are its benefits:

1. Choose our integral pasta

Because it contains all three parts of wheat: bran, or outer layer of the grain, the germ , i.e. the section seed germination, and’endosperm, the innermost part, i.e. the most central part with starch. Our wholemeal pasta is better than the white paste because: slows the assimilation of sugars and fats, gives a better sense of satiety and contains antioxidants and enzymes.

2. Our pasta does not make you become fatter!
We follow the mediterranean tradition!

We of Bottega Torciano know that is not the amount of pasta that make you become fat, but the combination of fatty condiments or meat and cheese: in fact we cook with healthy ingredients and produce light sauces and of good quality with which spice fresh pasta of our production, following the tradition and the Mediterranean diet. Our pasta, combined with these typical ingredients of the mediterranean diet will prove to be a support to the loss of body weight.

3. How much to eat a day?


We recommend an amount of 100 gr. Per person for one of our dish of fresh pasta. We invite you to ask us for more vegetables or legumes, full of nutrients and fiber, so that our recipe is more tasty and satisfying. Attention to the cheese!

4. Our Condiments
Our favorite condiment is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and chili, both of our production. We Bottega Torciano we have at heart the health of our customers and then, with our pasta we use a generous amount of onions and garlic, which are important for digestion and metabolism in general. We also use fresh herbs and season pepper, rich in antioxidants and a great help in the digestive process.

5. Pasta when you want, for dinner or lunch!


You can enjoy our pasta both at lunch and dinner. If you decide to accompany it with our wines, the mix of sugars from wine or alcohol and sugars from carbohydrates is too heavy to be processed for the body at the end of the day and then we advise you to eat our pasta for lunch.

And now that you know why Torciano Bottega has married the pasta,
you just need to come and try it!

Bon apetit!