Perhaps not everyone knows how important it is the storage and how to uncork a bottle of wine. You can also learn this during a wine class.

First secret

The wine must be stored in a horizontal position, in this way the cap remains moist and will be easier to be uncorked. Otherwise, the cork would be too dry and may break and leave traces in the wine.

wine cellar
So much attention on how to store bottles of wine, also need to choose a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. In the opposite case, that is, a cork too wet, may break and impair the wine.

Second secret

It is very important to use a good corkscrew to uncork a bottle of red or white wine. We must not cross the whole cork, but only up to half. Also, keep the corkscrew and bottle vertically during the procedure.


Third secret

Decant the wine. Especially when you uncork of aged red a few years, it is always advisable to open the bottle an hour before. To decant the wine, you can also use the decanter.