Last night I had an unforgettable dinner with some friends who came to visit me from New York. They already visited us in Tenuta Torciano Winery about three years ago for a small wine tasting, and successively returned accompanied by 10 friends to share with me another nice Tuscan moment to remember Tuscany thanks to a relaxing evening with a basis of good food and good wine.

Our cook Mom Graziella amazed us, although I was certainly of it, thanks to recipes that are simple, easy to put together and very fantastic.
We cooked a delicious “tomato soup” (Pappa al Pomodoro that will be our next website recipe) topped with a delicate and fragrant extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany.
Added the fresh herbs and organic vegetables which gathered from our family (put the link to the pages of the garden), which gave this dish fresh and tasty, unique fragrances and hard to forget the taste.
Together we drank our new Nobile di Montepulciano,
Cenaconamic, one of my favorite reds, although Bartolomeo, Baldassarre and Brunello di Montalcino
are always the best, for my taste,
The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Torciano combines the power and deep colors of a old wine, the elegance and balance given by wood little oak aging for 3 years minimum, as well as a fruity and fragrant bouquet. It is a blend of up to 100% Sangiovese. The exact proportions vary With Each vintage. It is a deep garnet red, intense and fruity with hints of cherry, coffee, vanilla and spice. I also get the hint of vanilla and cherry and plum.

Everyone here could find that the matching Nobile di Montepulciano with the tomato soup with fresh herbs, was really fantastic.

Then we continued to eat a variety of fresh cheeses such as pecorino, ricotta and Taleggio, accompanied by a delicate splash of balsamic vinegar
Really good.
Finally our Mother Graziella has delighted us of one, I repeat, one slice each for its delicious and memorable apple cake stuffed with Tuscan almonds. A SINGLE SLICE IS TOO LITTLE!!!! With this we drank apple pie a delicate and fragrant sweet wine, the Vin Beato.
Our friends from New York, stunned by eating and drinking, they decided to stay overnight in the hotel rooms of our villa, always available for all my friends and guests.
Our friends in New York have found this experience great and with to suggest it to whom loves wine and Tuscan cuisine.