Thank you to our dear friend Kelly (Panache Lifestyle) that wrote this lovely blog explaining how to do a “Wine Tasting Party“. This is how she had the idea:

“We got the idea to throw this amazing party on our honeymoon. While in Italy, we went to this incredible wine tasting at 600 year old vineyard in Siena with a man name Pierluigi Giachi, owner of the Tenuta Torciano Vineyards. He has such a passion for wine and was so much fun to learn from, we thought, let’s throw a party so we can teach our friends everything Pierluigi has taught us!


So what does the Wine Tasting Party entail you ask?? I’ll tell you how to throw an epic one of your own!


-Every guest brings a bottle of wine under $20
-The bottle of wine is immediately put into a bag with a number, its all blind taste testing.
-This number will be used for voting on the officially voting board
-Everyone has two votes (I usually use holiday stickers for voting)
-Place the stickers under the numbers you like best
-The wine with the most votes wins a prize!!
(Please note: In case of a tie, there is an official dance off ;-)) ”


Well, it sounds very funny and thank you again for thinking about us for this great idea of Wine Tasting Party for your birthday!