With our diary tips on travel in Tuscany, you are not obliged to organize a mini escape in Italy but you can also go for our Glam proposals from home to enjoy Tuscany and its jewels from home too.

You can enjoy the ambiance of this affluent territory with your smartphone and below we present the first trip of our diary. Good trip!



San Gimignano WITH THE EYES OF A WineLover

Your guide is @tenutatorcianowinery

Arriving at the Tenuta Torciano Winery in San Gimignano, means walking in the sunshine of our Italy, means losing sight of the green hills of vineyards, olive groves, oak forests, red poppies, and yellow grape ears, The beauty of sunflowers, in a succession of colors and scents that no poet can imitate.

Lost in the vineyards of Tenuta Torciano, fascinating by the stories of the daily life of the vineyards, the technical explanations of the vineyards processing up to the grape harvest and their harvest with the vintage of September and October.


The visit allows an in-depth study of the reality of the Giachi family’s vineyards from the point of view of the belonging and the oenological territory with a wide tasting. Interesting is the landscape and architectural context, the barricade, the cellar and the tasting rooms both inside and outside directly on the garden.

First visit phase: approach to the Vineyard

In particular, you can appreciate the ancient Vigna of Vernaccia of San Gimignano, planted under the management by Romano Giachi in 1996. From which originates the name of the homonymous “Poggioaicieli” wine one of the most famous wines of the area; we are in one of the vineyards dedicated to the vine Vernaccia di San Gimignano with an exhibition facing south and south east. Do not miss the visit to the Sangiovese vineyard.


The vineyard garden

This new spiral vineyard is capable of conjugating production with aesthetics and tradition, becoming an attraction for the most “discovery manias”.

It is a harmonious sequence of spiral rows of screws, in a movement centered on a central stone island, as a scenic spot to enjoy this nature show.

The second phase of the visit: the cellar

Visit with a guided tour that will cover the history of Tenuta Torciano and the current production line. It is articulated over a period of 1.5 / 2 hours where you will be able to taste wines of our production.



 The third stage of the visit: vertical tasting with Tuscan lunch

Tuscan cuisine with hors d’oeuvres of mixed salami, pecorino cheese and bruschette with extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes. Followed by a delicious lasagna with truffles and the simple and tasty Tuscan ribollita soup.

As a second course, we have grilled meat on the barbecue, peposo, Florentine steak accompanied by our precious truffles hunted and collected in our private truffle inside our enchanting forest, wildlife reserve of captive wild animals.

It is followed by 13 types of Brunello wines of Montalcino, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Special Reserves of Rosso in Tuscany such as our 2012 Bartolomeo, Knight 2012 and Baldassarre 2012, Vernaccia of San Gimignano and Prosecco and Dessert Wine to finish with the ” Accompanied by typical Tuscan “cantuccini” biscuits.


Who can book

The visit is aimed at a wide audience of both enthusiasts and people wishing to have a first experience of wine culture: it involves the presence of an expert guide to the area and our farm and cellar practices.

In suitcase

A linen trouser or a black tube for dinner with style inside the Palladium of our circular Vineyard, where you can enjoy a lovely view of the famous Towers of San Gimignano

romantic dinner


To observe Tuscany with the eyes of a Tuscan WineLover there is the instagram @torcianowinery account that collects the suggestions of all our friends who every year from all over the world visit us to share with us this almost imaginary journey.