It’s almost harvest time in Tuscany and 2019 promises to be a great vintage both in quality and in quantity, especially for Chianti DOCG wines. The favorable climate, especially in the final part of the season, and the important investments made in recent years on the vineyards, will give a high quality product.

2019 promises to be a great year for the wines of the DOCG Chianti wine denomination: the favorable climate, especially in the final part of the season, and the important investments made over the years on the vineyards, will give a high quality product to the companies of the Wine Consortium Chianti.
“The grapes where there was no damage from adverse weather conditions is very healthy, there are no phytosanitary problems – says the president of the Chianti Wine Consortium, Giovanni Busi -. The quantities are within the norm and, thanks to the 10% reduction of the production that we have requested from the Tuscany Region, we’ll have volumes that will allow us to have no repercussions on prices ”. The Chianti Wine Consortium produces an average of 850 thousand hectoliters of wine. For the 2019 harvest it has obtained authorization from the Tuscany Region to reduce the quantities produced by 10% in order not to generate a production surplus that would lead to lower sales prices. In 2019, therefore, the companies associated with the Chianti Wine Consortium will put on the market about 750 thousand hectoliters of wine, equal to 100 million bottles.
The volume reduction policy adopted by the Chianti Wine Consortium is the strategy chosen to deal with the drop in sales recorded in some traditional markets during 2018. In particular, Germany – which for Chianti wine is the second largest market of outlet, after the United States – recorded a reduction in exported masses of 6-7%: “This is a contraction due to the slowdown of the German economy, which drives consumers to focus on cheaper wines – explains the President of Chianti Wine Consortium -. We have chosen to reduce the quantities produced to mitigate the impact on price so as to tackle the decline in exports while maintaining an adequate remuneration for all the players in our supply chain, from winemakers to bottlers “.
“The climate of this year, which caused substantial damage to other crops, is fine for us – continues Busi -. The situation is fairly homogeneous throughout the territory: even the areas that have suffered most from the drought are doing well because our preferred grape, Sangiovese, is a real sponge and just a few drops of water to keep the vines healthy. We have had news from the media about possible damage caused by storms last Sunday, fortunately only in some areas, but at the moment we are collecting reports and quantifying damages. Thanks to the overall favorable trend of the season and the substantial investments in the vineyards made by our companies in recent years, great wines can be made: 2019 will be a great year for the wines of the Chianti Denomination ”.



In Tenuta Torciano the harvest is approaching and 2019 will be a very important vintage also for our Vernaccia di San Gimignano and our Chianti. And If you are planning a trip to the Tuscan countryside from the middle to the end of September, Tenuta Torciano will offer you the opportunity to relive this authentic experience with a very special vacation package. In fact, entire days of Educational Grape Harvest are planned, perfect for families, children and nature lovers , dedicated to harvesting the grapes and creating the must that will become wine. Being able to touch the processes that allow a juicy fruit to become nectar is an exceptional experience that you will always remember!

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