What happens when two Industry leading companies become a brand partner?

Icarus Jet charter and Torciano Winery out of Tuscany, Italy are glad to announce an important collaboration. Pierluigi Giachi and Kevin Singh are offering a luxurious and unforgettable tour of the Torciano Winery in

San Gimignano, Italy. A luxury filled holiday, the honeymoon will be filled with memories of a lifetime.

Icarus Jet charter is offering Private jet charter services from New York City, Cairo, London and Dubai to Florence, Italy where you will be picked up in an Augusta Westland 109 helicopter and discover one of the most beautiful landscapes en route to San Gimignano. Our private jet charter package to the Torciano winery is for the most discernable and exclusive clients. Offered to only a few of our hand-picked clientele who have been with Icarus Jet Charter from its inception.

A stay in the Torciano castle awaits in the lush green winery in San Gimignano.

Tenuta Torciano winery was established in 1720 and its 300-year-old heritage makes it one of the most luxurious winemakers in Italy.


Once you will get there, you can taste either old wines or fresh ones and have a typical tuscan lunch with truffle. Tenuta Torciano is ready to surprise you with other stunning and luxury experiences like making a private tour of Florence driving a Ferrari, reach San Gimignano with the helicopter and visit the historical Torre Chigi, one of the highest towers of the city.

You will discover a unique environment that recalls the medieval age, but with the comfort of today. Italy is also well known for its seaside, which is naturally part of what Tenuta Torciano offers: a day on board of SanLorenzo Yacht to visit the tuscan arcipelago, a blaze of colors and nature. The best part is that everything is included in this package, so you don’t have to worry about organizing anything, just relax and enjoy your travel.


The winery is situated in the heart of Tuscany, and it is only 35 minutes from Florence and 25 minutes from Siena. The Winery is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and lush greenery that feature towering cypress trees, vineyards, olive groves and forests of oaks opening to small villages.

Tenuta Torciano was founded in 1720 by Bartolomeo Giachi, and the Giachi family has since carried on the winemaking tradition.

The winery’s location near Mgiaone di Torri brought trade and economic development, and a larger business model was blessed to the Giachis and their winery.

A Luxurious Retreat- Mute The Noise

Let us get started, you have read about the brand partnership and the heritage of the winery. It couldn’t get any more exclusive than this.

A four-day trip to the winery via the city of fashion and love, Florence to the village of San Gimignano.

A dream from a different perspective

Dear Sirs,
let us illustrate this interesting program for visiting our region.
An exclusive and unique way to come into contact with our land and perceive our love for it.
You will be able to admire our main cities from above, relax in exclusive facilities, go shopping and taste our cuisine and our wines.
Welcome to this corner of paradise!

viaggio toscana tour  giorni

Day one

  • Pick up at Florence airport with our helicopter.
  • The helicopter flight will be a short flight over the skies of the city of Florence and staying at the castle where you will stay during the four days in Tuscany.
  • A beautiful scenic flight of the city of Siena, the Crete Senesi and the Val d’Orcia’s area as the resort is located near Montalcino.
  • In the afternoon we will arrive at the resort, and you will decide to stay in comfortable suites or villas.
  • Our staff will show you your accommodation, and you will have the evening free to use the hotel services and enjoy the excellent dinner.
  • We also recommend that you book a private dinner in the villa with our private chef.


vedere firenze dallalto punti panoramici


ViewofSienaItaly EllenMoran GettyImages bbfceaea



FlorenceSienaPrivate Dinner

Day two

  • Ferrari experience: around 9:30 AM our guide will welcome you to the Ferrari 458 Italia, and you will enjoy the drive around the beautiful street of Montalcino and Val D’Orcia. We will stop in Siena for 2 hours for a tour of this old city with beautiful architecture.
  • After leaving Siena, you will reach Tenuta Torciano Winery in San Gimignano. You will be greeted by Pierluigi Giachi the owner of Tenuta Torciano, and he will welcome you with a glass of champagne.
  • The Lunch will be organized in the private cellar or the middle of our beautiful Spiral Vineyard, the lunch will be composed of 4 courses where the main ingredients will be the Truffle
  • Pierluigi Giachi will personally conduct the tasting of our ten selected wines and private reserve 1995-1996-1997.
  • We can organize a falconry show also with horses.
  • We will reach the village of San Gimignano in the afternoon, and we take a short walk to Torre Chigi for a visit to the tower and a drink on the private panoramic terrace.
  • We will depart for the Torciano winery to be picked up in the helicopter for the Villa.


h montalcino


torciano nogastronomic helicopter tour helifly

Lunch in the Vineyard


Tenuta Torciano


Pierluigi Giachi


Chigi Tower

Day three

  • A full relaxing day in the Island of Elba on board our 24-meter Yacht San Lorenzo with a tour of this beautiful Island.
  • The service on board will be one of a kind, luxurious with lunch made by our chef on board the Yacht. Lobster and fish tartare; wine and Champagne; you cannot miss this celebration of an incredible day.
  • Our helicopter will fly you back to the hotel.



San Lorenzo Yacht sailing


Dining on board


Fresh fish


Tuscan Arcipelago

isola delba viaggi info aperta

Elba Island

Day four

  • Pickup at the hotel with our Helicopter around 9.30 a.m. and head for the city of Florence.
  • A private transfer will bring us to the Florence city-center, and we will meet with a private guide who will give a tour of this beautiful city.
  • We will walk through the streets of Florence, visiting Galleria Uffizi with a private tour and the area of Oltrarno where we have the most important and suggestive artisan shops.
  • We will have lunch in a gourmet restaurant, and in the afternoon we would suggest shopping around for what Firenze has to offer. Our company can provide you with a personal shopper too.
  • Our driver will drive you to the Florence Airport where your¬†Private Jet¬†Charter from Icarus Jet will be waiting for you to fly you to your next destination.

As you may have guessed we can manage your stay in Tuscany in every way. This is only a possible track and we can work out itineraries and days based on your direct requests.

We are open the whole year…..and you are welcome!


Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy Arno river daylight

Florence Walking Tour


Shopping in artisan shops

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Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Fiorentina Steak

sml   ip info florence

The city of Florence


Four days in Tuscany

A Unique Experience In The Skies And Territories Of Tuscan

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