Spring animates the Vine, and the Vine responds with a moved cry! With the arrival of spring, in fact, the vine emits a transparent liquid from the pruned branches or making a cut on a part of the stem. This phenomenon occurs after the resumption of the root activity, when the sap begins to rise in the woody vessels.

April is an important month in the vegetative cycle of the vineyards. Usually in these days the vine begins to sprout and the new buds are formed and hatch, giving shape to small leaflets. The buds begin to lengthen. If winter has been particularly harsh, some gems will not open, and you will have to deal with the damage that the cold has caused.

The warmth of April favors the growth of the vine. It will be regular in the absence of abrupt temperature changes, and will make the Vine stronger and more resistant to pest attacks. The sprouts continue to grow and will mature over time to become brown and woody branches.

Between April and May the first bunches will appear and the differentiation between pollen and ova, called “bolting of grapes”, will begin. A complex phase called the productive sub-cycle, which accompanies the vegetative under-cycle, and defines the full recovery of our Vine. Winter is a memory, the path to the Harvest has begun!

Tenuta Torciano’s cellars are immersed in a territory that hosts wonderful rows of vineyards. Why don’t you visit us? Browsing through the rows while they live again is a magical way of discovering wine, in all its world.

The history of our Vine is not over: we are waiting for the Flowering!