This year the vegetative cycle of the Tenuta Torciano vines is proceeding smoothly and currently the vineyards are in full bloom. This phase is crucial for the grapes yield and quality.

Flowering took place without excessive meteorological instability and the inflorescences are developing quickly and regularly. The flowering phase of the vine is very short (10-15 days), the flowers are not very showy, but this phase is decisive for the yield and for the future aromas of the wine. Depending on the type of vine 30-60% of the flowers will grow. The experts speak here of the so-called “average percentage of flowering”. The development of the inflorescence mainly depends on the climatic conditions: higher temperatures can accelerate its development, but the rain or a sudden phase of heat can also cause the appearance of flowers and smaller berries that run off. Consequently, the climate during the flowering phase is crucial for the subsequent yield.



Flowering always has a special charm. The pollen of the flowers emits aromatic substances: for this reason the vineyards are invaded by a pleasant perfume at the moment. The vine doesn’t need insects for pollination. In fact, vine flowers don’t even produce nectar, which is the nourishment for insects. However, it is not clear why these fragrances are issued. After the self-pollination phase, the small berries begin to grow, becoming more or less spherical. The next phase will involve veraison, which is the beginning of the maturation of the berries. It begins in the first part of August with a discrete variability that depends on the area and the type of vine and on the seasonal trend.