Dear friends,

while sipping a glass of Chianti and read my news, I focused on a very disturbing news for me that I produce wine.

In England the HMRC, the tax office and customs of the kingdom, discovered that there is a black market for wine in England is between 350 and 700 million pounds for a volume ranging between 90 and 180 million liters.

In fact, it appears that the 11% of the wine consumed by the subjects of the Queen is not regular, but sold illegally.

This also means that 20 million bottles of wine are smuggled into the country, or, even worse, the wine is produced in an illegal manner with a “kit of wine” that has been banned by the European Union.

Can you imagine the horrible taste of a wine product smuggling, with chemicals?
Nothing to do with the high-quality wine, produced from selected grapes in the traditional way and stored in barrels to age with time. Each process to produce the wine needs of his time, just so the product is a great wine.
Fortunately, the true wine lovers know what it means to enjoy a glass of fine wine, and refuse to feed the black market of illegal buying and producing counterfeit wine.


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