Autumn: time for new extra virgin olive oil and truffles. In Tenuta Torciano the most popular activity by our most adventurous guests is the opportunity to experience the ancient tradition of truffle hunting. For centuries the Tuscan people used to immerse themselves into the forest in search of truffles, a culinary delicacy that is an integral part of the culture in rural Tuscany. Truffles, also known as tubers, grow spontaneously in the ground near the roots of some trees or shrubs, in particular oaks and holm oaks, with which they establish a symbiotic relationship.

Visitors are first taught how to identify and find the truffle. Afterwards a professional guide bring guests during an excursion in the surrounding woods, with special trained dogs, to look for the little treasures. At the end of the hunt, guests can participate in a cooking class where they learn the right way to prepare and cook the culinary delicacies combined with truffles found during the experience. The day combines the beauty of the Tuscan countryside with the gratification of an exquisite meal accompanied by 10 different kind of wines.



Many special guests have decided to spend an unforgettable day in the name of truffles and good wine. After hosting Forbes a few months ago, even the very famous website BuzzFeed (specialized in news, videoblog and podcast online) has come to visit us to document this fantastic experience. The “Bring Me!” team, after the truffle hunt, took part in a delicious cooking class where they learned how to prepare fresh homemade pasta and to cook the precious truffles found in our private forest. Later the video was published on  and buzzfeedtasty, achieving incredible success with almost 2 million views.


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In October it was the turn of the famous Chinese singer and actor Timmy Xu (Xu Weizhou), testimonial of the fashion magazine Baazar and ambassador Sino-Europe travel for the Chinese magazine. A full day of video and filming always in the name of truffle hunting, concluded with a complete tasting of Torciano wines, was the it was the highest point of his first time in Italy.



Finally in November a beautiful day organized by @blogger.week, with 30 of the most influential Travel Bloggers in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Poland) Austria, Cyprus, Singapore, Turkey and … Italy. The group spent a couple of hours in the company of Pierluigi and his staff, taking stunning pictures, capturing all the moments of the guided tour of the winery, the property’s own truffle wood and the pergola of the estate where they could taste all the products of the estate in a Tuscan lunch based on typical dishes such as Lasagna with truffles, Ribollita, stewed wild boar and Cantuccini. Many of them had never seen a truffle before visiting Tenuta Torciano and it is always a great pleasure to teach the secrets and export the treasures of the Tuscan tradition all over the world.



More and more people are approaching the Truffle Hunting by Tenuta Torciano. The forest of the estate hosts guided tours every day, for 10 months per year. If you also want to experience the thrill of this wonderful activity once in a lifetime, visit to book your Truffle Tour.

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