The months of Spring, Summer and Autumn  is very special, the air smells of flowers, the sun heats without burning too. In my opinion is the best month to make an outdoor lunch, perhaps in the middle of the vineyard, with family and friends, and spend an unforgettable day.

I can already imagine the table prepared with care, attention to detail, the smell of freshly cooked dishes, the bright green of the vineyards all around and the scenery beautiful backdrop for a day to have a good time.

Here are 5 rules to create a perfect outdoor dining:


    1. The location 
      First, it is very important the choice of the place. You can choose to dine on the ground with blankets and pillows lay on the grass, or choose an antique table and enjoy lunch in the nature. A great idea is to have lunch on the patio, where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape. Tuscany offers beautiful landscapes, with green hills, centuries-old cypress trees and rows of vineyards.

lunch outdoor Tuscany

    1. Styling details

      The dinner table has a lot of importance, small details can make the set table even more beautiful. Add silver candlesticks, flowers, vintage cutlery and everything will have an air of romance and cheerful, perfect for an outdoor lunch in the vineyard.

lunch vineyard

    1. Food
      The choice of food is also very important for a successful outcome. Choose homemade dishes, with fresh ingredients freshly picked from the garden. You can also choose a vegetarian menu, to be enjoyed outdoors and in company.

italian lasagna

    1. Wine pairing

      For a well-organized dining, the choice of wine is crucial. You have to pick the right wines to pair the various courses. I recommend a wine tasting running from a white wine such as Vernaccia di San Gimignano, going to a young red wine, such as Chianti. Then the Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and to follow more and more full-bodied wines such as Super Tuscan. To finish a meditation wine to pair with dessert.

red wine tuscany

    1. Full day
      Before or after outdoor lunch, you can continue the day outdoors taking a walk in the vineyard. Or by visiting a medieval city like San Gimignano. You can do many activities in the long and warm days of May.