Hello everyone! Today we talk about cakes!

I love to always make new and beautiful, especially for the birthdays of my friends or loved ones! In fact, for the 22nd birthday of my brother Emanuele, I have prepared two pies, because I like to make him happy in a greedy way.


In this post I would like to reveal the recipe of one of the two cakes: The chocolate cake

1. Ingredients, the fresh and genuine ones

Let’s start with the ingredients. We need first of all:


(I always take the fresh ones that give us each day

Loving and generous hens of  Tenuta Torciano)

Dark Chocolate 150 g – Bitter Cocoa 50 g – Flour 00 180 g – Cucumber 180 g – Buttermilk at room temperature 200 g – Powdered yeast 8 g – Salt up to 1 pinch


2. Let’s make the cake together!

I chose this cake just because it’s part of the traditional Italian pastry and because, in fact, it does not have a high calorie or fat intake, thanks to the choice of using dark chocolate (and hence without added fats or sugars such as white chocolate or Milk) and genuine ingredients such as hen eggs laid in the morning!


Let’s start by chopping the dark chocolate, then we dissolve in the bain-marie and leave it melting occasionally.


Cut the cubed butter and pour it into the bowl with the sugar. Mix everything with the whip until it shrinks it in cream. At this point add 6 eggs and continue to mix. We continue this way until we get a soft and homogenous cream.


Incorporate the already lukewarm chocolate and keep banging until it is fully mixed with the compound. Add salt to the dough. Mix in a bowl the flour with cocoa and yeast, then, with a spatula, gently blend into the dough. Cover the oven with a 22-24 cm cake and pour the dough into it. We incubate in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 40-45 minutes.


To test cooking I usually test it with a needle: if it is dry, it will turn out to be dry; it means that the cake is ready; If not, continue cooking for a few minutes. Let’s always remember to make it cool before serving it …. I usually also add the icing sugar!

3. Mission complete!

It was great to be able to prepare a back for my brother, especially with healthy ingredients! He just saw her was just glad and had even eaten two pieces! Before cutting the cake she had also switched off the candles she had bought mom for the occasion: they had the shape of her age, that is, twenty-two years!


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