Dear wine lovers,
maybe not everyone knows how to choose wine glasses, how do you wash or place the wine glasses on a table.
There are many different wines, so any type of wine needs a specific type of wine glass.


First, wine glasses are stemware, and then have a stem and a cup.
This keeps them from the stem without soiling the Cup with your fingers, and most important, do not heat the wine, which was at the right temperature.
The glass must be perfectly transparent and thin, preferably not colored.

How to wash and store wine glasses.
Glasses must be odorless so better don’t use dish soap which are very fragrant and rinses short, if you’re not sure after the wash cycle, continue with a short cycle with no soap. Avoid keeping the glasses in places where they get bad odors. If in doubt, it is best to wash with soap before putting them on the table.

Type of wine glasses.

bicchieri da vino

There are 4 main wine glasses:

  1. glass of white or red wine young a tulip-shaped;
  2. the important red wine glass with a cup-shaped balloon;
  3. flûte for sparkling wines, with a cup of long, narrow;
  4. the small tulip swirl the glass for dessert wines.

How to set a table.


The glasses on the table should be placed from left to right in the order they will be used.

On the far right the tulip shaped up for the whites and to the far left of the tulip-shaped one for the dessert wine.

When the wine list to accompany your meal is very long it is better to use a pitcher where guests can empty their glasses before pouring the wine.

To avoid mix up I suggest a cup shaped like a water glass, so with no stem.

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