Waiting for the Harvest

Waiting for the harvest at Tenuta Torciano is always a festival for my senses: it is so nice to observe the vines that are colored with small purple or golden balls, tiny nose nuggets of tasty nectar. And think that for the ancient Greeks the wine was considered the drink of the gods! And the devotion to this nectar was such that they devoted themselves to a true god: Dionysus; Yet it is wonderful to see how the acines, despite the drought and the frost of spring this season, have proved to be real fighters, small heroes who will increase the “honor” of the wonderful wine that will be extracted. Although the amount of grapes will be much lower I can assure you that the quality will be superior to these tiny small acini.


The charm of the ancent harvest


When the harvest comes to Tenuta Torciano, the story awakens: It is good to look at the fingers of expert hands that gently cut the grapes from the vines and how the newborn babies were in the crates as if they were cradles ready to welcome them. This is one of the most beautiful moments for people to unite and in complete harmony and cheerfulness they help to welcome the gifts of nature, perhaps the gifts of Dionysus. Tenuta Torciano has always been collecting grapes by the traditional method because it loves its craft and aims to avoid damaging the vineyards. Do not complain if it’s long or if it’s tiring, it’s the method that’s been part of a story thousands of years, is a way to take care of your own land and respect it, curb it and keep it.


All colors of the harvest


Pierluigi, the founder of Tenuta Torciano, is the son of his time and, as a wise painter knows the palette, he knows what grapes to grab: he passes the tradition of his grandfather (also a winegrower) with passion and remembers the teachings of the spring : He knows that first white grapes, such as Vernaccia or Chardonnay, are first picked, because it is the first to reach maturation, and then the red one will come; Shiraz or Merlot. Pierluigi also knows that sweet wines can wait two months, because they must reach a high degree of sugary, only with time. Because time makes wine better but also better people; Because wine is flowing in its veins, and it is its history.