When my american friends come to visit me in Italy, already know what is ready for them in my house. As an italian teenager, i’m very determined to show them how a dough cooked in house is much better than a hamburger or a take away pizza.


And when my plan of work begins preparing a tasty homemade ice cream, with eggs of our hens, milk and much chocolate, everything becomes a collection of fun and incredible taste, by not being able to do less than lick the fingers to the goodness and the genuineness of my kitchen in Bottega Torciano.



This adventure in which he is involved with all my family, takes place in our city of’love, San Gimignano, the Manhattan of the Middle Ages and famous for its towers, for historic buildings and for the breathtaking scenery typical of Central Tuscany, being located a few kilometers from Florence.

Today i’ve learned how to make gelato!


Well, you today, together with my American friends I have learned to make the homemade ice cream… The true Italian! With genuine ingredients and healthy, mica as bought one! How does it work? First of all we must have all the right ingredients:



Have we all the ingredients? Good! Let’s begin to cook, meanwile i tell you what i’ve learned!


1. In a small saucepan we have dissolved the chocolate, cream and the milk until we have obtained a homogeneous compound…

Obviously I had to run the quality control… The result was..Successful!

2. In another bowl we put the egg yolks separated from whites (eh yes! Today I also learned this!) together with the sugar and we have them mixed to obtain a cream very good!



3. We then took the cream made of sugar and eggs and we joined to the pan with the chocolate, cream and milk; we allowed to cook in such a way as to obtain a compound free of lumps.


4. At the end we took the compound and we have inserted in the ice cream maker and’we allowed to work for about 25 minutes.



And done! The Ice Cream is ready to taste… Do you think it’s good? I think that is understandable thanks to my photo!


it was so nice to learn to make the ice cream and I can’t wait to try it again with different flavors! And you? Did you like the recipe? If you want to know more about me and italian cusine, Follow me on istagram or on Facebook and do not forget to visit the websites:

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See you next time!