Hello guys! It is coming autumn and with him the precious truffle … For those who do not know it, it is a kind of mushroom that grows under ground which, for its strong flavor and quality, is very expensive and very sought after! Truffle hunting is usually practiced by experienced adults … But thanks to Tenuta Torciano also for us guys you can find these expensive “mushrooms”!

Truffle Kids

There are two colors, white or black, but also varieties depending on the soil where it grows; From these characteristics, the need to develop a real hunt has been born: “truffle hunting” involves the presence of an expert in truffles and a puppy, trained over the years to recognize and find it; the most suitable breeds would be Bracco, Pointer, Lagotto Romagnolo, Spinone, Cocker and Jack Russel … Dogs seem to be the most suitable researchers because of their snout, but did you know that pigs are also used? In short, just like everyone!

Caccia al tartufo semplice

Truffle Pasta

In Tuscany we can find both white truffles but we can also find the black one, much more frequent. The white truffle has a tinge of greenish green, smooth outwardly, with greatness ranging from that of an aragon to that of a grapefruit. The interior is faded brown with slight reddish shades and subtle lighter veins. In short, it’s a very “weird” fungus, does not it? Even though “bizarre” is very good as an oil flavor (so I recommend trying the flavored oil of Tenuta Torciano’s truffle) or flakes on the pasta. I tasted it many times in the lasagna prepared at Tenuta Torciano and I would say it’s really good!

anfora Tartufo big

But why does a hunting so funny and devoid of dangers should not be practiced even by the boys? Thanks to Tenuta Torciano, we can also experience this exciting experience: after a fun visit to the vineyard, you can spend some unforgettable moments in the surrounding forests along with an experienced guide and his very own dog, learning to identify the different species of trees ‘ideal habitat for truffle growth, recognition techniques etc etc I have tried this wonderful adventure and I must say that it was really unforgettable!

Truffle Kids

Truffle Hunt


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