The best gift for every mother is to receive our attention and spend time together, making her happy.

Every moment spent with her is special, so let’s organize something of unforgettable, to tell her how much we love her! If you are in Tuscany, visit Tenuta Torciano and we will create a special day to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Here are tree ideas for a special gift for Mother’s Day. Make her live a great experience; you will share fond memories of this fantastic day together.

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Lunch and wine tasting in a Tuscan winery

For all the moms that work all day or cook for you and all the family, now it’s time to relax, sit down and enjoy our homemade Italian food. Our lasagna with truffle will be hard to forget, but don’t worry, we will be happy to share our recipes with you.

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Cooking Class

If you love Italian food and want to learn how to make pasta, this is the best way to stay together with your mom and have fun, cooking with our chef in the kitchen. It will be a nice way to bring back at home a piece of Tuscany, cooking our ribollita for friends and family once back at home.


  1. Visit of the vineyard

Take a walk in the vineyard, discovering how the grapes grow and the secrets of this beautiful land called Tuscany. You will learn many things about wine, wine pairing and the story of the winery.Mother's day - Special gifts from Tuscany with love