Thank you to our friends that made this beautiful post that talks about their experience a Tenuta Torciano Winery.

“Chianti wine country scenes on our way to lunch…

… at nearby Tenuta Torciano, where we were met by the personable 3rd generation owner Pierluigi who was our host today for a wonderful over the top 10 wine, olive and truffle oil tasting.

We were invited to share lunch with a lovely couple from Baton Rouge. They were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.
With the wine flowing, we made new BFFs and promised to meet next for home cooked Cajun food in Louisiana.

Pierluigi working the crowd.

OK, it’s a little corny and contrived, but the wine was excellent and Pierluigi has this gig down to a science.
He has a warehouse in Chicago which stocks and ships his wines to anywhere in the US, except Utah.

He also takes his “show” on the road all over the world in the winter and will do a wine tasting meal at your home anywhere. He charges nothing but clearly with all your friends and guests pretty much sauced, he makes a profit on every tasting by successfully pitching and selling his wine. Did I mention that he has a warehouse in Chicago? His Tenuta Torciano blog has more info. ”

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!