Just wanted to know about costs and sales for wine from Tenuta Torciano here in the USA? I live in Georgia, USA and want to see what wines you have available on sale and for shipping to my home? The Poggioaicieli, 2009, Vernaccia was very good! You had sales during Christmas and I did not keep them on my email so wonder if you have more sales like that now? My wife and I had a wine tasting with you at Teunta Torciano with “GoAhead” tours and Katia DiLodovico…May, 2010! We had a great group of people and My Wife and I will never forget the BEST time with you and your great wine. We ordered and recieved wine from that experience and would love to have more. I can look up our order form and give you more details, but I just want to let you know that you are a treasure to us and we will buy more wine from you when possible. My email address is: burchandy1@gmail.com. Please put me on your mailing list via email. Thankyou for your wonderful life, Sincerely yours, Andy Burch

Ciao Andy, I’m very happy to receive your words and I’m very happy to send you to your home the Tenuta Torciano wines.

Youc an find wines to sale in the new web site www.torciano.com and you can select the wines and gourmets products that you prefer. The price and the shipping costs are in USD to facilitate our American Friends.

I remember of you and of your wife during the ” GoAead” wine tasting and it was a very memorable moment and I’d like to repeat these special and very nice moments.

I hope to meet you very soon in Tuscany and call me when you’ll organize another Italy trip.