Maybe you already know how to store wines, creating your own personal wine cellar at home. However, maybe not everyone knows how much time can last an opened wine.

Fist point, once opened, wine should be stored in the fridge with an airtight topper.

Second point, the time depends on the type of wine.

A sparkling wine can be drank until 3 day.sparkling wine OK

Red wines, as young wines or Chianti Classico, 3 – 5 wine

White wines a little be more time, 5 to 7 days.white wine

A full-bodied wine, like Toscana wine, also 3 – 5 wine

Rose wine just like white wine, can stay opened until 7 days.rose wine

However, if you love fine wine to drink with friends and family, we don’t think you will need to store a bottle of wine, but will enjoy it completely until the last glass.