Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season of the year. It’s the best time to travel and visit new places with its mild and pleasant climate. Today I want to tell you about the 5 things to do during the spring in Tuscany.


Admire the “Primavera” of Botticelli

Every Sunday of the month you can visit the museum for free. In the Museum Uffizi in Florence, you can admire the “Primavera” of Botticelli, and “la Nascita di Venere”, “La Madonna del Cardellino” painted by Raffaello and many other outstanding works.



Go through the Tuscan hills

The landscapes of Tuscany are famous all over the world, spring is perhaps the most enjoyable and colorful. Nature is like a living picture, full of a thousand colors, scents and breathtaking scenery. If you love walking outdoors, you can take a part on foot, or by bicycle, the Via Francigena.



Taste the flavors

Once in Tuscany, it is impossible not to taste the traditional dishes like ribollita, the almond biscuits named “Cantuccini” with dessert wine, and Fiorentina steak.



Vanilla, black licorice, berries and cherries

Tuscany is also famous for its fine wines. Once you come here, in the land of Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, you must take part at a tasting of oils and wines. You can taste a variety of wines and discover hints of vanilla, licorice, berries and cherries.

fruit wine


Spa outdoor

Spa stands for “Salus per aquam” in Latin, which means “health through water”. What could be more unique and special, to take a bath at the spa pool? In Tuscany there are many public and private spa. This is a very special way to relax and to enjoy the spring in Tuscany.