amalfi pasta

amalfi plate

italia pasta

luxury wine

red tuscan wine

terrestre rosso toscana



If you miss Italy and want to bring a piece of Italy to your table, here are 4 easy and fun ideas to make.
1) Choose Amalfinata ceramic dishes. They are beautiful and colorful, each dish will look more inviting.

2) Cook italian dishes as pasta or pizza. You can also take part at a cooking class for pizza or pasta making.

3) Offering your guests wine from Italian vineyards, in Tuscany they are famous for Rosso Toscana, Brunello and Chianti Classico. Always offer the best, there are also special labels in leather or Gioiello labels.

4) It is better if you prefer linen tablecloths or hand embroidered, in many countries in Italy you still sew by hand, giving life to these wonderful precious tablecloths that will make your table even more beautiful.