The beautiful season is coming to celebrate the beauty and the taste of sunny days  there’s nothing bettern than visit Tuscany, that in this period gives the best of itself, with its green hills full of vineyards, breathtaking landscapes with its beautyful art cities like San Gimignano, Florence and Siena, with cutted grass smell, outddoor lunch and dinner in the wonderful scenery at the center of the vineyard, with untupped bottles of wine from the exclusive production of Tenuta Torciano in San Gimignano.


Luxury Winery

Tenuta Torciano is a Luxury Winery, that in the past lived thanks to the passage of pilgrims by Via Francigena wich now is the destination of visitors coming from all over the world. This visitors, now, come to visit Tenuta Torciano and its private oasis within its hectares to live in contact with the uncontaminated nature and to visit its cellars where you can taste hundred  of labels that rappresent, as a wine atelier, onliy high quality products.


The first elements the characterize this company originality, wich is located between Florence – San Gimignano – Siena triangle, is wine obviously.
Wine art it’s been Has been handed down from father to son for over 13° generations of vineyard workers.

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In the five farms are cultured high quality wines like Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Rosso di Montepulciano, Bartolomeo Rosso di Toscana, Baldassarre Rosso di Toscana, Cavaliere Rosso di Toscana e Torciano’s Extravirgin Olive Oil.



The concept and philosophy of high quality product joins the concept of “hand made” and of “Made in Italy”, has always been the basic elements of the philosophy of the Family Giachi and the idea of the collections produced with the Soul, where the maniacal attention to the “Quality”, on “Excellence” on “Exclusivity” and on “originality” are the success of the Cellar Tenuta Torciano.


With this dogma, Pierluigi Giachi manages the quality of production with a caution and a control almost excessive. This is one of the successes that manifests itself in the moment in which the “excellence” of a product expresses the meaning of the final value.

From here, in order to ensure the highest level of quality, the choice of realizing personally labels from the old paper to those in the skin, in order to create a “exclusive” collection for demanding people.


The clientele of the Tenuta Torciano is represented by demanding winelovers seeking the true culture of quality Tuscany and a unique Italian product where it can be found only in the cellar to San Gimignano where one breathes not only air of Italianness but especially a value linked to the peasant tradition of Tuscany.

Visiting the Winery

Visiting the Tenuta Torciano you can enjoy the visit to the vineyards, with relaxing walks through listening to the instructive enotecniche information, at the center of our spectacular circular vineyard spiral, harmonious succession of rows of screws arranged in a circle in a spiral, in a movement interspaced by an island of central stone, as vantage point to enjoy the spectacle of nature.

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Continuing with the view to the cellar of production to be enchanted by the first elements from which the grapes of the harvest are in contact to then become wine.



And finally in the visit of the wine cellar with hundreds of barriques where the important wines rest before being transferred into valuable bottles and where inside, our refined restaurant will enchant us with the typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine accompanied by the wines of the School of wine by Pierluigi Giachi with the 13 labels to taste in a sober, fun but elegant.



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If all this were not enough, we can intersperse this idyllic time with fun activities, instructive and relaxing inside and outside of the seal.


We can organize a fun truffle hunts in our wood-truffle-seller, beyond that go in search of this precious tuber aphrodisiac, enables us to live the contact with nature and the dogs, walking up to the fluvial park of the river Elsa.


Followed by a cookery course with truffles, or from a course in joy of Cooking Pizza, followed by a dinner prepared by our chefs together with wine tasting in a vertical in our best reserves of the cellar or a tour on horseback or scooter.


You can participate in our exclusive Wine Etiquette in private room, or leave free the creativity that Pierluigi Giachi and his team are able to meet with the magic of knowing how to make Tuscan.