Many thanks to our friend Nikki Esposito for this lovely review of San Gimignano and Torciano Winery!

Today my friends and I took a day trip to Siena and San Gimignano, where we had lunch and a wine tasting. Siena is more of a medieval city with lots of hills but like everywhere I have been so far, has amazing views and is beautiful.  We walked around there for about an hour and saw the Duomo and started my collection of ornaments.  I plan to try and get an ornament from everywhere I’m able to travel while abroad to have for my Christmas Tree!

After this we went to a small family owned vineyard right outside of San Gimignano where we had lunch and a wine tasting.  Most of the wines were red, and kind of dry, but the food just like everywhere else I have been is unbelievable.  We had 3 courses, each one better than the one before it. At the end, the owner’s nephew pulled me up to demonstrate how to taste the homemade biscotti with their dessert wine, (video below) you have to look them in the eyes while they soak the biscotti in the wine for 10 seconds then you kiss each other on the cheeks and then he fed me the biscotti followed by a sip of the wine.  It was so funny and it didn’t hurt that the owner’s nephew was really cute! (sorry cody lol)


Our last stop of the day was to the actual city of San Gimignano where we had the best Gelato in the world, and no im not just saying that, its a known fact.  There i went a little overboard and ordered a small cone where they managed to fit 3 flavors on it: Mint, Nutella, and Vanilla.  After that i rolled myself home.. Not really but it was a lot of fun and the views were great!  Tomorrow we are off to the beach so I’ll fill in about the rest of my weekend within the next few days!! Ciao.